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new offerings soon

· Cedar 1 model unfurnished
· Redwood fibercement siding
· "Super Good Sense" insulation
· Metal roof rated 120 lbs/sq ft
· $409/mo w/o taxes & insurance on a 20% down, 30 year 5.5% loan
· $89,900 minimum selling price
· Walkthrough
· Map [PDF]

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Yes, an economical vacation home nearby is a possibility!

What a great place for a weekend getaway!

It is a perfect place for quality time with the kids, with all the activities you desire. Hide away from the office, but stay in touch if you wish.

Your Idaho HideAway

Starting at $510.00 per month*. Three standard models (floor plans) are shown on these web pages. Additional floor plans are available at higher prices.

Your vacation home. . .

Quality is built in at every step of construction:

• Built and inspected to US Government construction standards

• Site inspections on electric, water and foundation

• Solid as a rock! Steel I-beams support the structure

legal construction injury

• Metal roof rated to 120 lb./sq.ft.

A model located in Garden Valley, Idaho, is open for inspection

Other site locations are acceptable, but the site allowance in the price will be different.

· The model is about a one-hour drive from Boise, Idaho

· It is a scenic drive, so take your time and enjoy

· Here is a downloadable and printable map to the site. You can open it with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

· Model located at Terrace Lakes Resort. Take a walk through that model, right now, online!

Realtors honored


*Three models beginning at just $510.00 per month. The basic cash price is $87,000 which includes a $10,000 lot allowance and a site development allowance. The $510.00 per month assumes a $69,600 (20% down payment) mortgage at 6.082% APR, 30 year mortgage. It also includes $25.00 per month hazard insurance and $73.00 per month property tax. Price and assumptions effective 12/1/02 subject to change.

The site development allowance includes limited tree removal, grading, 100' road mix driveway/parkway, crawl space foundation, septic system, electric, telephone and water service. A well is extra.

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